Cheney Mason and the Finger!

J. Cheney Mason was quick to take attack at the Media after the acquittal of his client Casey Anthony. He told the media and the legal analysts helping the media that they should be ashamed of themselves. Most lawyers and legal analysts got the verdict way wrong. For example, Mark Nejame a local Orlando lawyer and analyst for local CBS affiliate in Orlando, looked like a fool when he predicted for sure Murder 2 charges against Casey Anthony. Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when you have a bunch of lawyers going one way and then the jury of our peers decides the other it makes you question the ability of local lawyers to defend criminals. Do they have any idea how to do their profession? Perhaps Jose Baez and J. Cheney Mason are the only local lawyers that were good enough to get Casey Anthony acquitted of murder charges. I do know I would not want any legal analyst covering this case helping me with my criminal case.


Mr. Mason, I felt your stupid and unprofessional actions following the verdict represented the integrity of the defense team approriately.  From the lies by your client to the lies by the defense team, much was revealed about how far you were willing to go to let a horrible mother and human being go free.  Nothing seemed to be out of bounds.  You do not appear to have any regrets for being so boastful and arrogant at the "party" so I can only presume any negative opinions are of little concern to you.  One minute Jose Baez is claiming in front of the cameras "There are no winners" and the next minute your entire team is jumping and high-fiving each other for the great job you all did. Why is it so hard for you to understand the disdain of the American people at your actions?  It's not that I will spend any energy lamenting on the verdict, it's just that I am so embarrassed at the way the defense team presented the case.

Linda LeRay



Mr. Mason

Did six million Jews die in the holocaust?

Did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour?

Did Casey Anthony harm her daughter?


 The truth can not be denied but justice can.





Mr. Mason,


I would also like to thank you for defending and supporting Casey through this horrific trial!  I was so happy to hear that you have filed papers with the court to hold Jeff Ashton with contempt! I wish you would also make the Orlando Sentinel pay for the defamation and hatred they are causing with their so-called comment section that apparently is only available to those who despise Casey!

to the world what an ASSHOLE you truly are.....Such a class act!  I am embarrased for you and your wife....I'll bet she is proud of you....How does it feel to be the "butt"  of so many lawyers jokes?  You ruined your career when you decided to join this case....I hope YOU learned a lesson.

wow your really professional sticking your Middle finger up and flipping everyone the bird.. All I have to say is this trial was a JOKE and you wouldnt' want to face me in a trial.. You should be banned from even being an Atorney..    When someone Lies you know they did a crime.. common sence..   I also had OJ's trial figured out .. if it dosnt' fit you must aquit..   Yea if Oj wasn't allowed to wear the rubber glove underneath.. the glove would have fit.. and if those people would have listened instead of going by emotion, they should have known that YOUR client was NOTHING but a LIAR, a Murderer and she is like a snake.. just like you.. God will have the final JUDGEMENT and when you lie to get a MURDERER off you will face the Judgement as well...

thank-you mr mason for making sure idiots like the post above weren't on the jury. this case would have never been overcharged like it was if a law was passed to keep prosecutors from making any profits off any case they are working on. god bless you and god bless the jury.


Mr. Mason,

I would just like to say Thanks to you and Mr. Baez for helping to set Casey free. I do not believe Casey harmed her daughter. I believe it could very well be that George anthony molested Casey and may have done the same to her daughter, and this may have led to the death of Caylee. I hate what happened to Caylee, but I also am concerned with the years of abuse Caysee may have suffered at the hands of George Anthony, the public and the media is so quick to want to crucify Caysee even without evidence, and we all know there was no evidence, that they dont even give a second thought to what kind of life Caysee has had. We have no way of knowing what actually happened to Caylee, it may be that caysee had left her with George and when she came back Caylee was gone, George could have told Caysee anything about her daughter. The public is so caught up in Casey's behavior after Caylee went missing, my question is this, how do we know she even knew of Caylee's disappearance when these pictures were taken? OR how do we know that whatever Casey might have caught George doing to Caylee didnt just cause Caysee to block out everything she saw, just to be able to cope with it. I really hope that Caysee can get the counseling and support she needs right now to be able to start her life again. I also hope she will stay away from George and Cindy, as I think they are 95% of her problems. I would like for Caysee to know that she does have people out here that do care and believe in her, and that we will be praying for her safety and for her piece of mind and well being. I believe the jury made the right decision, the only one they could make, because there was no evidence that Caysee murdered her child. Please tell Casey to be careful, there are people out there that I am afraid may try to hurt her. Once again, Thanks to you and Mr. Baez for helping Casey and for being there for her when she needed someone.


Regina Redmon 

Thanks for leaving your name  you disgusting vile piece of shit !!


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I just wanted to take a moment to Thank both Mr Jose Baez and Mr Cheney Mason for making me understand our judicial system.


I certainly believe that Ms. Anthony deserved a fair trail , what i have come away with, is that while the prosecution is required to play by the rules and must prove the case (which we knew)

the defense can get  up on in front of the judge, jury and camera's and slander and smear anyone and anything calling them child molesters or anything else they choose in opening statements and then not back it up and use the excuse that "well we thought in good faith we would be able to"


In opening statements Mr Baez talks about both George and Lee and alleges that they molested or tried to molest Ms Anthony for years, and in fact the stress over everything became so great that in Jan 2009 Mr Anthony attempted suicide. Which "fortunatly" (he states) the police were able to stop.


then when Mr Anthony gets on the stand he ridicules him for his "supposed suicide attempt" as if he faked it, with derision and sarcasm dripping from his voice. It is sad that the transcripts will never show the inflections that were used in trial for the jury to hear.


The defense played Both sides of the field, anything to confuse the jury.

Same with the stupid gas cans, the gas cans were reported because it was the first time she ever broke into the shed, she busted a lock. i wold have reported it too, but if you make the issue about the duct tape which really had no meaning he had answered it, ya know the hole, and yes you hounded him enough he should have been confused, and no he didnt lie, since at the very end we saw the stupid can with the fingerprints on it that he spoke about that you never showed us. so of course you keep the jury  off , then you bore them to death with re-calling each and every person over and over, even we groaned in our own home everytime.


now finally as a last straw you have filed to have the verdict of the lying to the police appealed, i hope you are sactioned for filing a frivilous lawsuit to impead a judicial proceeding (Gonzales vs Anthony), it isnt enough that she got off, no, you have to insult everyone and try to get her off with that, so she can use the 5th which should not cover her since she has already been tried and aquitted of the crime for Casey.


so basically , you have taught that me that

1. even though defense lawyers are trained to know how to handle clients, the still will fall for a pretty clients lies even with the know that the person is a habitual liar, or they are just plain evil if they are doing that stuff above and dont believe any of it (molestation charges)

2. it doesnt matter that you are supposed to be ethical when you are a defense lawyer, all that matters is you throw enough crap on the wall, and it doesnt matter who gets spattered.

3. there is no honor among you


4. i used to believe in our system and i dont any longer , and it has LESS TO DO with the jury verdict, than it does with how YOU BOTH obtained it. why didnt you just go ahead and bribe them, what to vulgar for you?




kim angles

holiday, florida

Mr. Mason,


I have a question for you, not only you but all defense attorneys.


I'm not talking just the Casey Anthony trial, but all trials you been in.


I'm sure that you have had cases where you were pretty sure your

client was guilty of a henious crime.


You seem like a respectable gentleman, how can you defend a client you know is guilty?


Please don't give me the short answer that "it is your job". You are a human being

with a conscience?


Thank you for your time.


Ruth Tozer

Bradenton, Florida

I am a Guidance Counselor from New York. I worked on Rikers Island Jail with women for years.If she needs help I am available to volunteer!!Thank you,Jenni Paul,Woodmere,NY 516 569 5023